COVID-19 Statement

Due to the Covid-19 virus we have moved temporarily away from face to face consultations to online and telephone consultations. We are currently contacting all our patients to ask for their consultation preference in order that we can offer you the best possible remote consultation experience during this time.

Telephone & Online Consultations

Please contact us to arrange a convenient appointment, we have extended flexibility to some evenings and weekends, please call us for more details.


Both the Specialist Pharmacy and Roseway Pharmacy have assured us of the continuous supply of patients’ prescriptions and have contingency plans in place.


We do currently have a stock of the supplements that Dr Meyer recommends, please contact us at

Personal message from Dr Saadia Meyer

Please try to stay calm. There is a lot of ‘fake’ news surrounding Coronavirus, all of which does nothing but promote fear. Simple is best: wash your hands regularly, drink plenty of water, eat little and often, exercise daily (not in a group and within safe distance of other people), sleep, enjoy your family and the time you may now have to spend with them. Remember, this situation will not last for ever. We are here to offer all the help and support we can.