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Exploring evidence on how to improve wellness at the Health Optimisation Summit

Jun 1, 2022

Knowledge is power and unless we take the time to seek it, we will never know what we do not know.

For me, if I feel I know absolutely everything about my area of knowledge then learning has ceased and for us as doctors that should never happen.

Even after all the years of training that we receive as doctors, there never seems to be enough time to teach or learn how to prevent disease.

Health is not merely a question of the absence of disease; it is about achieving balance between our mental, emotional, physical and social health.

For me, improving wellness comes not only from implementing cutting edge evidence and clinical expertise, but also from integrating tools that come from beyond conventional medicine. Tools that have been used by cultures and civilisations for thousands of years can now be backed by science and evidence. We live in the most amazing times of discovery and realisation.

Genetic testing is becoming more accessible because of price decreases many times over in the last ten years. This will help us understand our health risks. Additionally, research in nutrigenomics tells us how we can influence the expression of these genes through our diet and lifestyle. We can now understand how our body is capable of healing itself given the right environment. The 2016 Nobel Prize was awarded for validating the very principle of autophagy.

Thus, the control of wellness and preventing disease will fall to individuals, thus reducing the number of prescriptions we write as doctors. This is important because many prescriptions may have limited benefits to individuals and could possibly have potential for harm.

To summarise the lessons learnt and reinforced this weekend:

Precision and personalised medicine is the present and future. One size fits all will be a thing of the past and humans gaining control and responsibility of their wellness will be the norm.

So ladies, take charge of your mental physical and sexual wellbeing. Sex is not just for procreation, it is a source of pleasure too, so do not let it pass you by!

Amy Killen(@DrAmyBKillen)spoke about the massive knowledge gap of female sexual wellness. It surprised me to learn that the full anatomy of the clitoris was not published until 20O5 and, as for the G spot, this is a UFO for us gynaecologists!

Respect your body and be mindful of what you feed it. Cut carbs and cook your own food.

Make walks and activities in nature a habit.

Allow your soul to reboot and spend time doing things that give you purpose and joy.

Allow the body to rest and recover.

Question the narrative and the evidence behind it so only truth prevails. You’ve got this!