HRT & weight gain

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HRT & weight gain

Nov 9, 2021

HRT & weight gain


HRT is not responsible for weight gain. Let’s dispel that myth straightaway and instead look at the facts.

During perimenopause and menopause the female hormone oestrogen naturally reduces because the body believes it is no longer needed in the same quantities for reproduction. However, at the same time the imbalance caused can put stress on your adrenals, which are partly responsible for fat metabolism.

The adrenals work with the cortisol that occurs in your body from various sources and if they are working correctly the levels of cortisol are kept in balance. If there is disruption to the adrenals, for example, during perimenopause and menopause, then your metabolic rate is also disrupted. Everyone knows that a slow metabolic rate can encourage fat to pile on, in particular, around the middle of our bodies, something most women find hard to accept or embrace.

My clients often ask how they can shift this stubborn fat that appears in certain areas of their body. There is no easy answer, but rebalancing the hormones, exercise routine and diet can help to increase your metabolic rate, which will ensure fat is burned more efficiently. Reducing overall stress in your life can help too, because stress can cause increased amounts of cortisol to be released. A diet that cuts out sugar primarily will ensure any carbohydrates you do consume are beneficial not empty and fat accumulating.

And, of course, always ask for further information about anything to do with any treatment or medication you are recommended. Knowledge is empowering and will ensure you choose the right options for you.