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With modern contraceptive methods like implants and various Intrauterine systems such as a Mirena how do you know if you are perimenopausal or menopausal?, women will not have periods or bleed often. How then are they to know if they have gone through the change or are going through it? In the past, a woman’s cycle change i.e bleeding frequency or infrequency heaviness or lightness of periods were easy giveaways of what the body was doing. Today’s woman, however, may be experiencing symptoms which she does not associate with hormonal change as she does not have the yardstick of periods to go by.

If you are experiencing symptoms that are distressing you or those you cannot explain; then do speak with your doctor. They can make an assessment based on history and possibly blood tests. Remember as clinicians we are only guided by blood tests and not dictated by them. Blood tests are only a snapshot in time and can fluctuate wisely es[acially during perimenopause. Hence, management decisions may just have to be based on the clinical picture. If you do not feel yourself, we have to try to make you feel better irrespective of the blood test.

Do speak to your doctor if you are concerned.