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Is there something I’m missing?

Mar 24, 2021

How often have you sat with a friend, listened to their story, offered advice, which sounds perfectly sane and sensible, but then not been able to see or make the changes you want in your own life?

One reason is because you are not in that persons’ shoes and do not have to deal with the consequences of whatever action they choose to take. But, another, more fundamental, reason, is hormones.

An imbalance of hormones can manifest itself both physically and emotionally, in simple, but often stressful, ways: bladder problems, fatigue, anxiety, hair loss, lack of energy and motivation, and weight gain.

No wonder then that we find it almost impossible to look beyond what we know. Fear of dealing with complicated emotions, possible financial losses or changes in lifestyle is exacerbated when your hormones are all over the place. So, although we know and can advise friends that living a life that is stressful or unfulfilling, is not healthy, our own bodies often act as a barrier to change in our own lives.

You may feel a slight sense of relief at having helped someone else deal with their issues, but how are you going to resolve your own? Do you even see your own problems objectively and recognise them as something you can change? This is where a consultation with a menopause expert can be a game changer, because, first of all, they will help you understand how hormone balance can be restored. Once that is achieved, other aspects in your life can be addressed: diet, weight, relationships, self-confidence and mindset.

One small step, but all part of the mantra: Keep it Simple, Keep it Smart.

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