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It’s called the CHANGE because it’s a change for life

May 6, 2019

Yet we know so little about it as women. We know all about starting periods, having periods, contraception, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth etc but we know very little about the phase of our lives that will last us forever.

It’s interesting that the general perception of menopause by women is that it’s a period of two to three years; during which time their periods will be dwindling to a halt with or without the chaos of heavy bleeding. There may be hot flushes, night sweats or mood changes, but once it settles, we are over on the other side of freedom and bliss. Its called the  ‘change’ beacuse its a change for life.

Yes, it is freedom from sanitary products and pregnancy but that’s about it. The rest of the journey is pretty much going to run on our will power and wisdom. Will power to survive and wisdom to seek the answers to age healthily from here onwards. There are choices to be made for the service plans that will keep us functioning optimally. What benefits do hormones bring us? what will help my bones and tissues, what will help my bladder and sexual function, what foods will be good for us, what practices are good for mind body and soul.

This is the time for change, this is where we pause think and move on having made fully informed choices. Welcome to a new beginning. It’s time to think