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If you value your health above everything else and want to really understand your hormones from the UK’s leading expert, The Meyer Menopause Clinic is for you.

  • An integrative personalised approach, using best evidence to formulate a unique management plan individual to your hormonal needs.
  • Investigation of the root cause of your symptoms.
  • Over 25 years of experience in women’s health helping women understand their bodies.
  • British Menopause Society – Menopause Specialist.

DR Saadia Meyer  MRCGP.  FRCOG. DFFP

Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
Harvard Medical School
Royal College of General Practitioners
British Menopause Society

What our clients say

Julie Anderson
Julie Anderson
I approached Dr Meyer after my attempts to sort out my hormones with my local Dr were very unsatisfactory. Dr Meyer was very informative, friendly, professional and caring. She ran blood tests to find out exactly what was going on with my hormone levels, it was very thorough process. The result being I feel so much better, myself again, finally! Thank you Dr Meyer.
Deborah Barnett
Deborah Barnett
I visited Dr Meyer as I wanted to see a specialist rather than my surgery doctor who not only is impossible to get an appointment with but prescribes HRT with a one fits all attitude. I have been so impressed with my progress with Dr Meyer and how much better I felt within the first 3 months of my individual prescription. Based on the improvements that showed from my blood tests and scan my next 3 month prescription was tweaked and again I feel I have more energy, sleep much better and my mood is now balanced again. So thank you Dr Meyer
Marie Chowdhury
Marie Chowdhury
I can hand on heart recommend Dr Meyer. I spent 14 years with severe insomnia after giving birth to my first child, the only time in the 14 years that I did sleep better was when a was pregnant with my second child, which lead me to believe I had an in balance of hormones. I now know I have an over production of oestrogen and under production of progesterone and testosterone. Initially, consultations with the regular GP resulted in me taking antidepressants and sleeping tablets for a short period of time, which did not work. I also tried acupuncture, a nutritionist, Meridian tapping, yoga, reflexology, hypnotherapy. I saw several gynaecologists, one of which did not test my body and gave oestrogen orally and topically, which would have exasperated my condition. It was a god send when I found Dr Meyer, who operates robust , thorough tests. She has balanced my hormones, and with a combination of hormones and supplements, plus meditation, I am finally sleeping and enjoying life again. I can 100% recommend Dr Meyer.
Cathy Waddington
Cathy Waddington
I first visited the clinic in September of 2022. I had been experiencing many typical menopause symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, headaches and mood swings and these were interfering with my daily life and the smooth running of my business. Dr Sadia Meyer was very thorough in her approach and explained everything very clearly. She prescribed me a number of hormones specifically tailored to my symptoms, and a raft of vitamins and supplements. Just 3 months later I was already feeling the benefits, and a full 6 months later I can honestly say I am a different woman. I would highly recommend Dr Meyer to any woman going through menopause - don't suffer in silence!
Dr Meyer is knowledgable, compassionate and explains things in a really straightforward way. I am very happy that I found her.
Tamara Rowland
Tamara Rowland
Dr. Meyer is a god send. She explained the peri and menopause process clearly and tailored the HRT prescription to my individual needs. My brain fog was so bad I started to think I was getting early onset Alzheimers. Dr. Meyer addressed this along with my other many symptoms. Exceptionally thorough with follow up appointments. She is busy for a reason - she gets results. Highly Recommend!
Erica Lawrie
Erica Lawrie
If you are suffering or even think you might be suffering with menopause symptoms I encourage you to make an appointment with Dr Meyer. It is no exaggeration that her diagnosis and treatment literally changed my life! I was initially suffering with just hot flushes and sleep deprivation, I was totally miserable and exhausted. I went from initial consultation to life changing situation in a matter of weeks, the hot flushes were gone and I was getting 5-6 hrs uninterrupted sleep a night. I have remained a patient of Dr Meyer's now for 2-years as my symptoms have changed and new ones emerged like lack of libido and memory loss but with each review and adjustment to my HRT and supplements then each symptom gets addressed. Together we have learned so much about my body. Thank you Dr Meyer!
Lindsay Middleton
Lindsay Middleton
After spending over a year on HRT treatment from the GP which wasn't working, I found Dr Meyer. I would highly recommend anyone with HRT symptoms to attend her clinic. I had suffered with hideous brain fog, anxiety, exhaustion and felt myself disappearing. After 4 months of being under the care of Dr Meyer, I am starting to feel like myself again. I am sleeping better, the anxiety is reducing and my energy and enjoyment for life is returning. I loved Dr Meyer's approach and finally felt heard and understood.
Sally Brown
Sally Brown
I knew feeling low, miserable and lack lustre wasn’t really ‘me’, however much my brain was tricking me it was. So, I over ruled my brain and decided to invest in myself and visit Dr Meyer. Dr Meyer made me laugh, explained things so well and after comprehensive checks, got me cracking on a plan. I have just had my 3 month review and discussed a few tweaks to my prescription, following my feedback and blood tests, and I’m feeling great. I’ve also had bonus advice on my skin too and with prescribed skincare from Dr Meyer my skin is now looking better than it has since it started being problematic probably in peri menopause with hindsight. Happy days! Thank you.
Rachel O'Farrell
Rachel O'Farrell
If you’re struggling through perimenopause like I was, I certainly recommend reaching out to see Dr Meyer. I am finally feeling understood, cared for and much, much better.

Your consultation

At The Meyer Menopause Clinic the menopause is demystified and put into perspective. From the moment you sit down with Dr Meyer at your initial consultation, our aim is to provide you with a personalised diagnosis and treatment plan.

“After seeing Dr. Meyer I have got my life back. I thought I was going crazy and my family thought I was going crazy. I feel my normal self once again”

Dr Meyer firmly believes that since women will be spending nearly half of their lifetimes on the other side of the menopause they may as well be as healthy, active and strong as they possibly can be. She wants to help women make informed choices about how to live this, potentially wonderful and special, stage of their lives.

Her manner is warm, calm and reassuring

“I felt in safe hands. There is so much conflicting advice out there, save yourself the time and confusion and book to see her asap. Personally, it has been transformational”

The Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation will be with Dr Meyer. She will ask you about symptoms, medical history, current medication, any concerns and expectations. She will also recommend any baseline blood tests (additional cost).

Bring your ‘Clinical Summary Sheet’, which your own GP can provide. Also, any recent pelvic ultrasound scans (USS), blood tests or relevant investigations.

The Treatment Plan appointment two to six weeks post the Initial consultation

Dr Meyer will discuss her diagnosis with you and prescribe a course of medication.

Review appointment eight to twelve weeks after commencing treatment

This is an opportunity to discuss how you are feeling, whether symptoms have improved or stayed the same, or whether you have any concerns. It is important at this stage to bear in mind that any treatment is still bedding in, but you are likely to have noticed some improvement.

Your level of medication may be increased and further blood tests may be required to ensure your hormone levels are being brought back into balance.

“I had no idea that balancing my hormones could make such a difference to my quality of life”.

Six month review

This is a full review of your treatment and how you are feeling. Any underlying issues will be discussed and appropriate changes to your treatment prescribed. A pelvic USS may be booked to monitor your body’s internal condition and to spot any unusual signs or issues.

On-going reviews

It is a good idea to review your progress and treatment plan on a six-monthly basis. Dr Meyer will be able to fine-tune your medication to ensure you continue to experience a full and healthy lifestyle.

“Dr Meyer was very thorough in her investigation and management. I can say that my relationship with my husband is back on track and I feel so much better”.

Dr Meyer’s background and qualifications

Dr Meyer is a menopause expert and highly qualified practising clinician and gynaecologist, specialising in women’s health.

After qualifying in 1991 she underwent intensive post-graduate surgical training to become a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. She was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal College in 2012 for her ongoing contribution to the field of gynaecology and women’s health.

She is also a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and remains in active clinical practice. She also holds the Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Health.

The Meyer Menopause clinic is a private hormone clinic specialising in  Precision medicine for women experiencing hormonal imbalances or issues related to hormonal health such as menopause and perimenopause. 

Diagnosis by  analysing an individual’s genetic information, we can identify specific genes or mutations that may contribute to hormonal imbalances or disorders. This  leads to a more accurate and personalized diagnosis.

Personalised treatment that is based on the individual’s genetic information and other factors such as lifestyle and environment, we  can tailor treatment plans to address your hormonal imbalances more effectively.  We can help identify the most appropriate hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or other medications to treat conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or menopause-related symptoms.

By considering each womans unique genetic makeup, we can develop more targeted and effective treatment plans to address your specific hormonal needs.