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What makes us sexy?

Nov 24, 2020

“Climbing naked down into a stream is awkward and ungraceful, but you don’t care because you know that when you are in the water you will feel wonderful. There is the slight chance that someone will come across you, so you keep looking around to check. Worry is written across your face and you frown now and again. But, once you are safely standing on firm ground, waist deep, facing the waterfall, you feel a wave of delight rising from your belly. You notice the corners of your mouth lifting up spontaneously. You stretch your arms up above your head and luxuriate in cold spray on your naked body. It tickles and alerts your senses. what makes us sexy?

Your heart is singing with childlike joy. Even if a thousand people had gathered around the pool to stare in bewilderment you would not feel awkward. In that moment nothing else matters except raw acceptance of yourself as nature intended”.

This wild swimmer describes the moment at which she feels the most sexy, confident and ‘alive’. The rising sense of joy she experiences is linked to endorphins being released and the right amount of adrenalin rushing around her body, which gives her the ability to push herself beyond her comfort zone. It is also referred to as ‘uber’, which means the force within each of us to be our best selves and glow from within. Often, we are attracted to people who are confident, but not overbearing. It is as if we hope some of that ‘glow’ will attach itself to us. But we can discover it for ourselves.

As a woman matures inevitably she will have been through many experiences, good and bad, including: motherhood, caring for parents, achieving a successful career and good sexual relationships. You can consider and share the lessons learnt and wisdom acquired by the time you reach perimenopause or menopause. Who are you? What do you want in life? Who do you want to have in your life? How do you want to present yourself to the world?

Feeling sexy means something different for every woman, but essentially, it is having the freedom to be completely yourself. It is that fire within our bellies when we know we are doing something good for our souls. The warmth and brightness shine out from within, endowing us with a glow that can hardly be described. It is that glow, that aura of confidence and being at peace with yourself and the world that draws people to you.

During the perimenopause and menopause our hormones are in flux; we feel a lot and feel it intensely at this age. It can be both exciting and frightening; a difficult time to navigate. But remember, other people enjoy seeing a woman find her sexiness – it totally comes from within and has very little to do with stereotyped looks. Feeling sexy is feeling powerful, being an assertive, important personality with something to say.

At this time of our lives we all have something important to share and say.

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