Will HRT Make me put on Weight

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Will HRT Make me put on Weight?

May 6, 2019

Will HRT make me gain weight?

The answer is NO if done correctly.

Restoring your hormonal balance with HRT will actually help with better fat metabolism and prevent the ‘middle age spread ‘. The latter only happens because of the imbalance of female hormones that puts stress on our owns adrenals. It leads to the disturbance of cortisol balance that the adrenals are responsible for. Consequently, the result is piling of fat where we don’t need it!

Getting an optimum hormone balance will lead to all organs synchronising again. Don’t be afraid to ask your questions and seek expert advice on how to resolve the situation. You will always be the one in control of your life and you make your choice.

HRT will only cause weight gain if practiced unprofessionally.